Halal Travel

Namila combines the most comfortable resort options such as alcohol-free kitchen, women-only beach or pool as well as family beaches and pools.

NamilaFULL® is a Namila service that combines flights, hotel transfers and accommodations. Your whole holiday with NamilaFULL® in one package, from start to finish.
Qualified Facility

All halal facilities in accordance with Namila Service Standards are provided together.

Namila Standards

Namila knows your preferences. With family or friends, from the reservation to the end of the holiday, we are at your side for your comfort at every stage.
Live Support

From the moment you decide on your holiday with Namila to returning home, there is our live support both face-to-face and by phone for you.
Comfortable Holiday Guarantee

Namila guarantees you a comfortable holiday in every sense, starting with the reservation until the last moment of your holiday.

Enjoy a peaceful and comfortable holiday with your
family and with the assurance of Namila.

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