Grand Özgül Termal Hotel

Grand Özgül Thermal Holiday Village, which has a spa operation license from the Ministry of Health, is a holiday resort where people with complaints such as calcification, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, gynecological diseases, kidney and gallbladder stones, skin diseases, drop gout, osteoporosis, muscle pain often seek healing. The water in the facility comes from the natural thermal water source. The output of thermal water is 75 degrees. The distribution temperature in the rooms is 60 degrees. We have a total of 552 rooms. Thanks to the thermal waters, our indoor and outdoor pools offer therapeutic spa baths. 


Grand Özgül Termal Otel

Grand Ozgul Thermal Hotel; In the Islamic holiday village, LCD television, wireless internet, laundry, ironing room, fully equipped kitchens and all the kitchen appliances you need are available. You can start the day with a delicious breakfast in our rich restaurant, and taste our quality tastes from the à la carte restaurant and world cuisine on our terrace. Desserts and snacks are served in halal concept throughout the day in our facility.


Özgül Thermal Holiday Village, established on an area of ​​130 thousand square meters, serves our guests with the concept of halal hotel half board. Apart from the a la carte restaurant in our facility, you can enjoy your meals in the open restaurant or the indoor restaurant. Özgül Thermal Holiday Village, which started service in 2008, is located in Afyon, Gazlıgöl region. Grand Özgül Thermal Holiday Village, a non-alcoholic family hotel, is 21 km from the city center, 22 km from Afyon Bus Terminal and 40 km from Zafer Airport. You can experience a healthy and enjoyable holiday with 2 outdoor and 4 indoor swimming pools reserved for men and women in our hotel. You can relax and feel refreshed by having a massage.


In Grand Özgül Thermal, there is a separate thermal pool complex for men and women. Jacuzzi pool is available 1 for ladies and 1 for men. You can adjust your room temperature with the air conditioner in the rooms. Thermal water flows in all rooms. You can enjoy the thermal water in your bathtubs that you can use during your stay. Our hotel has room service. You can also benefit from doctor and market services. Free parking is available and you can benefit from the 24-hour reception of our facility.




Afyonkarahisar, located in the Aegean Region, has 18 districts. The history of the city, which is built on an area of​​14,016 km2, goes back to the Hittite civilization. The historical texture of the city, which then came under the rule of different civilizations, makes it possible for many people to visit the city.

Transportation to Afyonkarahisar

There are different options at the transportation point to Afyonkarahisar, and within these options, you can go to the city comfortably. Because of  there is no airport in the city, people who want to go to Afyonkarahisar by plane should use Kütahya Zafer Airport. Although there are direct bus services to the city from many parts of Turkey, you can also go by bus by road. In addition, a private vehicle is also an option for those who want comfortable travel.

Places to Visit in Afyonkarahisar

There are many places to visit in Afyonkarahisar, which is famous for its thermals, and it is possible to list these places as follows:

Phrygian Valley

The Phrygian Valley is an area where the remains of the Phrygians, who maintained their sovereignty for a pretty long time, are found. Artifacts from the Phrygians, who created many interesting works with their rock artifacts and tomb monuments, manage to attract the attention of many people.

Afyonkarahisar Castle

The castle, which has become one of the symbols of the city, is within the scope of places to visit in Afyonkarahisar and is visited by thousands of people. The castle, which has a height of 225 meters, is one of the structures witnessing history.

Iscehisar Fairy Chimneys

İscehisar Fairy Chimneys are on the list of places to visit in Afyonkarahisar. During the Phrygian Valley tour, the visitors are surprised to see the fairy chimneys. Fairy chimneys, which offer a wonderful view, are visited by people who want to get to know the city closely.

Baskomutan(Commander-in-Chief)Historical National Park

Baskomutan Historical National Park, which is located on an area of ​​348,340 decares, includes Kocatepe and Dumlupınar regions. These areas, where the Great Offensive took place, also contain an important history.

Kirkgöz Bridge

It should be noted that the historical texture of the bridge is quite interesting, since the Kırkgöz Bridge, located on Akarçay in the district of Bolvadin, was built by the Byzantine Emperor Mauel Kommen.

What to Eat in Afyonkarahisar?

Many local delicacies such as cream, Turkish delight, sausage, agzi acik dessert, zürbiye, pacık are the answers that can be given within the scope of the question of what to  eat in Afyonkarahisar.



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