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Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is also one of populous cities. The city with 25 districts is located in the Central Anatolia Region and its history dates back to 3000 BC. It is at an altitude of 938 meters from the sea and has a surface area of ​​25,632 km2.

Transportation to Ankara

There are different transportation alternatives for people who want to go to Ankara and witness the history of the city. Besides many bus companies have direct bus services to the city, the first option for transportation to Ankara is by road. In addition, you can easily go to the city by private vehicles. On the other hand, Esenboğa Airport, which has the characteristics of both a local and an international airport, can be preferred by those who want to travel to the city by plane. In the context of railway transportation, both normal train and high speed train are offered to those who want to go to the city by train.

Places to Visit in Ankara

We can list the areas that are on the list of places to visit in Ankara and that people should see as follows:


Anıtkabir, the tomb of the founder of the Republic, Great Leader Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, was opened on November 10, 1953. Anıtkabir, located within the borders of Çankaya district, has a magnificent view and architecture.

Temple of Augustus

The Temple of Augustus, built after 25 BC in the name of the Phrygian god Men, was found in 1555. In 1930, D. Hamit Zübeyr Koşan discovered the temple as a result of various excavations.


Hamamönü, a district in Aladağ district, was named after the double bath that Karacabey had built. Deserving to be on the list of places to visit in Ankara, Hamamönü includes houses of civil architecture from the 19th century.

Roman bath

The Roman Bath, built by the Roman Emperor Caracalla, was built of brick and stone. The dressing and bathing sections of the bath were discovered as a result of the studies carried out between 1938-1943.

Museum Of Anatolian Civilization

The archaeological artifacts of Anatolia are exhibited in the Anatolian Civilizations Museum and are visited by many people.

What to Eat in Ankara?

Within the scope of the question of what to eat in Ankara, it is possible to state that there are tastes specific to the city. Some of these flavors are; It can be listed as Ankara pan with barley noodle, Beypazarı stew, Beypazarı dried, and dried meatballs. Each of these delicacies is beautiful enough to make visitors feel happy.



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