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Located in the Yıldızeli district of Sivas, Bilici Thermal Holiday Village is 14.9 km from Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport. The hotel, which has quite wide borders, offers service to its visitors through different room options. It is possible to state that the hotel, which continues its activities in the concept of half board, has many activities. It serves as a family hotel and stands out with its many facilities within the borders of Sivas province.


Bilici Thermal Holiday Village

Comfortable Room Options

There are basically two different room options in the room and the visitors are provided with a comfortable stay. The room options in the hotel, which is in the concept of a halal holiday village for families, are as follows:

·   1+1 Deluxe Room

·   2+1 Suite Room Suite

These rooms have a wide range of facilities and these facilities allow visitors to spend a good time. It is known that there are many options in the rooms such as balcony, bathroom, minibar , modem, centrally controlled ventilation, tumble dryer, split air conditioner, TV, telephone.

Unlimited Fun with Lots of Free Activities

In terms of facility capacity, we can state that the hotel stands out within the borders of Sivas. In this context, the hotel has an elevator, a la carte restaurant, water slide, hairdresser, beauty salon, parking lot, wireless internet, market. The hotel, which has this and similar facilities, is among the most popular Islamic hotels . Visitors should pay attention to this issue, as a marriage certificate is requested upon arrival at the hotel.

Bilici Thermal Holiday Village includes many free and paid activities. Free activities at the hotel;

·   Soccer

·   Gym

·   Thermal pool

·   Bath

·   Waterslide

·   TV lounge

·   Sauna

appears in the form . In addition, paid activities are known as SPA, massage, game room, jacuzzi, mini golf and billiards. It is possible to state that the hotel , which is a hotel for children, also has a playground and a children's pool. The facility ensures that visitors have a stress-free holiday and a peaceful holiday experience. In this context, it is possible to say that the hotel stands out within the scope of the hotels located within the borders of Sivas and attracts the attention of the visitors.





Sivas is a city located in the Central Anatolia Region in the center of Turkey and attracts attention with its natural texture. The city center is home to many important and historical artifacts, and the city's historical location on trade routes has also had an impact on the city texture. Places to visit in Sivas, which is one of the oldest and deep-rooted settlements of the region it is in, also contain quite a variety. Historical places, natural beauties and places of worship dating back to the 13th century are the most important centers of Sivas .

Transportation to Sivas

There are many alternatives that can be used for transportation to Sivas . Those who want to visit the city with their private vehicles; It is possible to reach the city via Konya. Sivas, where High Speed ​​​​Train services are also available, can be reached by choosing the railway. In addition, visitors who want to use an airline can easily reach the city center or its districts by using Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport.

Places to Visit in Sivas

The areas that come to the fore among the places to visit in Sivas are natural beauties and historical places. Sivas, which directly reflects the Anatolian Culture with its characteristic features , is considered one of the centers of cultural tourism in Turkey.

Divrigi Great Mosque

Divriği Great Mosque, built in the 13th century, is one of the structures that most effectively reflects the Islamic architecture of the period. The mosque, which has a magnificent appearance, consists of four different doors. Also located in the region of Sivas Divriği trip in the event must be made in many different historic visit to the Grand Mosque of Seljuk cultural space could be examined.

The double minaret madrasah

Double Minaret Madrasa, which is one of the first historical buildings that comes to mind when it comes to places to visit in Sivas , was built at the beginning of the 13th century. The building, which hosts a very special architecture, is definitely recommended to be visited.

Egriçimen Plateau

Eğriçimen Plateau is a unique option for those who want to meet natural beauties as well as cultural trips .

Tödürge Lake

Tödürge Lake, which is only one of dozens of natural beauties in Sivas , hosts a unique view especially in spring and summer.

What to Eat in Sivas?

What to eat in Sivas ? For those who are curious, during the visits to the city; Delicacies such as Baviko , Cut aşı, Madımak, Sivas Meatballs, Lentil Badi should definitely be tasted.



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Spa Center
Turkish Bath
Accommodation Type
Bed & Brekfast
Property Type
Ladies Privacy
Special Pool
Women's Pool
Sheltered Pool
Sheltered Ladies Pool
Turkish Bath
Sauna Seperated For Ladies
Ladies Complex
Spa Center
Hotel Type
Thermal Hotel
Double Bed
Single Bed
Baby Cot And Crib
Air Conditioner
Remote Control
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Hot Tub
Bed Base
Coffee Tea Set
Baby Feeding Chair
Safety Box
Dry cleaner
7/24 Reception
Indoor Pool

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