Demirci Otel

Located in Antalya Kumluca, Demirci Hotel is a hotel specially designed for conservative families. The hotel attracts the attention of the guests with its magnificent rooms and the combination of green and blue. It is possible to say that the facility, located within the borders of Adrasan, stands out both with its employees and its facilities. Known as a family business, the hotel distinguishes itself among Kumluca hotels with its facilities and service options based on customer satisfaction.


Demirci Hotel

Alcohol-Free Conservative Family Hotel

The hotel, which is 100 meters from the sea, has 10 rooms. Two indoor and outdoor restaurants allow guests to taste special flavors from Turkish and world cuisine. In addition, the facility serves especially conservative families with its alcohol-free hotel concept . Two pools, 1 for women and 1 for men, ensure that guests have a much more enjoyable time.

People who want to stay at the hotel can make reservations in advance and have the opportunity to stay in the rooms they want. The facility, which was designed according to Islamic methods, attracts attention with its magnificent view. You can use plane and intercity bus options for transportation to the hotel. The property is located 105 km from the airport and 95 km from the bus terminal.

A Fabulous Accommodation Opportunity with Special Room Options

The hotel , which continues its services with the concept of halal hotel and has thought of all the details for conservative families, has different room options. Three different room options, Standard Room, Family Suite and Honeymoon Suite , make it possible for guests to stay comfortably. The services available in the rooms can be listed as follows:

·   Balcony

·   24 hours hot water

·   Hand towel

·   bath towel

·   electronic safe

·   Towel for feet

·   hardwood floor

·   Hair dryer

·   Shower cabin in the bathroom

·   Wi- fi and high speed internet connection

·   Air conditioning

Demirci Hotel , which provides the above services in all its rooms , stands out with its understanding of service. Guests can stay in the best way and satisfaction concentrating their work on behalf of all times to maintain the hotel, also in an accurate and systematic way communication with guests are Kuurne .





Adrasan neighborhood in Kumluca, one of the districts of Antalya , attracts attention with its natural beauties. It have very special neighborhood, which has a beach of about 2 meters long , is visited by thousands of people every year.

Transportation to Adrasan

There are different transportation options at the point of transportation to Antalya . There are direct bus services to Antalya and you can go to Adrasan via the highway . In addition, transportation to the neighborhood via Antalya can be provided without any problems by air.

Places to Visit in Adrasan

There are many special places in the list of places to visit in Adrasan, which stands out with its magnificent beauties . It is possible to list some of them in general terms as follows:

Adrasan Castle

The castle, which is within the boundaries of the neighborhood, is very successful in telling the history of Adrasan . Another name of the castle is "Maiden's Castle" and it is also known as such. Thousands of people visit this castle every year because it is a symbolic structure.

Adrasan Bay

With its magnificent sea and natural beauty, this bay is one of the places to be seen and included in the list of places to visit in Adrasan . The bay, surrounded by forests, consists of a magnificent harmony of green and blue. We can say that the bay, where there is no crowd and peace, is ideal for those who want to get away from the stress of daily life.

Mount Moses

Addressing people with an adventurous spirit, Mount Musa separates Adrasan from Olympos. This mountain, which has ancient ruins and attracts attention, is one of the areas visited by many people. It is possible to state that the mountain is located on the Lycian Way route.

Adrasan River

It is located within the borders of Bey Mountain National Park and it is known that the source of the river is taken from Ulupınar. The creek, which has a magnificent atmosphere and hosts special bird species, is becoming the focus of attention.

What to Eat in Adrasan ?

The question of what to eat in Adrasan is known as one of the questions to which many people wonder. There are a lot of  restaurants within the boundaries of the neighborhood and delicious food can be tasted in these restaurants. Visitors can continue their trips in Adrasan in a wonderful way and have a pleasant time and experience a nice trip away from the stress of daily life.



Accommodation Type
Half Pansion
Property Type
Ladies Privacy
Swimming at the Beach
Beach sunbathing
Hotel Type
Safety Box
7/24 Reception
Dry cleaner
Single Bed
Baby Cot And Crib
Air Conditioner
Remote Control
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Bed Base
Coffee Tea Set
Baby Feeding Chair

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