Modern Saraylar Hotel

Modern Saraylar Hotel provides special services with a high level of Islamic sensitivity with the concept of an all-inclusive holiday village without alcohol . The facility, which was built on a large area in Alanya, one of the most special locations of Antalya , hosts different opportunities for men and women. In addition, the facility, which offers highly productive activities and activities for children, will allow you to have an extraordinary holiday experience with your family .


Modern Saraylar Hotel

Providing service with the concept of halal hotel, Modern Saraylar Hotel hosts many events prepared separately for children and parents. In the activities prepared for parents and adults , content suitable for Islamic methods is created, while activities suitable for the age groups of children are organized in the activities prepared for children.

High Standard of Service in accordance with Islamic Values

Promising an extraordinary holiday experience for you and your family with its special concept designed according to Islamic methods, Modern Saraylar Hotel offers a holiday experience in a unique comfort . You will feel special in the facility, which stands out with its high standard of service quality. You will find peace in the pools designed separately for men and women .

The facility, which has private pools and a beach for women, has 3 different beach concepts. It is possible to experience a holiday in accordance with Islamic values at 3 different beaches, which are offered as mixed, special for women or special for men . Moreover, thanks to the services offered specifically for each beach concept , you can enjoy the sun and cool waters at Incekum , one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean .

Different Room Types for Families

Modern Saraylar Hotel offers different room types specially for families with its services where you can deeply feel the privileges of a hotel for families. The rooms, which can meet almost every comfort demand, are of different sizes. The facility hosts 7 different types of room concepts.

Standard, Triple , Family Suite, Junior Suite, Senior Suite, Royale Suite and Duplex Family Suite , including 7 different rooms in the facility offers an alternative, they can vacation in a comfortable way large or small family facility recognizes. Moreover , each room type has been designed with the same standard of service quality .




Antalya Alanya

Alanya is a district of Antalya and attracts attention with its touristic features. Established on an area of ​​1,598.51 km2, the district offers visitors a wonderful holiday experience with its natural and historical sites. The district, which has the appearance of a peninsula in the coastal parts of the Mediterranean, is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Transportation to Antalya Alanya

A person going to Antalya Airport; You can go to the district by airline vehicles, taxi, private vehicle. In terms of transportation to Alanya, which is wondered by many people, it is possible to say that it is possible to go by road by means of a private vehicle. Using the double highway located at the eastern exit of Antalya is among the preferences of those who want to go by private car.

Places to Visit in Antalya, Alanya

Alanya, which attracts attention with its magnificent view, is also generous to its visitors about places to visit. We can list the places that must be visited in the district as follows:

Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle must be visited as it has become one of the symbols of the district. The castle, which offers a magnificent view, attracts the attention of visitors.

Alanya Museum

Alanya Museum, which is open to visitors except Mondays, was established in 1967. The museum, which is close to Damlataş Cave; It has historical artifacts from the Bronze Age, Phrygian, Urartian and Lydian periods.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach is one of the places to visit in Alanya. The sand of Cleopatra Beach, which starts with Damlataş Beach, is quite special. Umbrellas and sun loungers can be rented for a fee on the public beach.

Dim River and Dim Cave

There are restaurants, resting areas and tea gardens around Dim River. These areas appeal to both domestic and foreign tourists and are cheered by the visits of those who want to have a pleasant time. Since Dim Cave has a magnificent atmosphere, it is recommended to see this area as well.

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon, which is 750 meters long; It has many places, including a restaurant, an artificial pond and a souvenir shop.

What to Eat in Antalya, Alanya?

Within the scope of the question of what to eat in Alanya; donut ,millet soup, laba and shebbit; It is known as a few of the local dishes that can be preferred.



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