Altis Resort Hotel & Spa

With its family-friendly hotel concept, Altis Resort Hotel promises extraordinary comfort, holiday pleasure with nature, special moments where you can feel the sun and the sea deeply, for those who have Islamic concerns or who are looking for a comfortable holiday in conservative hotels . Located in a unique location in the Serik district of Antalya, Altis Resort Hotel is in the holiday region of BELEK- Taşburun . This region, which is one of the most unique natural locations of Antalya , hosts guests from all over the world.



Altis Resort Hotel

Service Standard in accordance with Islamic Conditions

Bringing a new perspective to the conservative hotels sector with its service standards in line with Islamic values​​and conservative lifestyle , Altis Resort Hotel has numerous opportunities so that you can evaluate every moment of your holiday in the most effective way. Every detail, from the food and beverage services offered in the hotel to the social facilities , has been designed in accordance with the conservative lifestyle.

Altis Resert Hotel, which offers the indispensable elements of summer holidays such as pools designed separately for men and women, massage rooms, rich and complex open buffet breakfast, steam room and Turkish Bath, with a high level of service quality, has always received full marks from its guests in the eyes of comments and feedback.

Family Friendly Hotel Concept

With its special concept inspired by nature, Altis Resort Hotel offers its guests unique golden sands where green and blue meet. Altis Resort Hotel, which will mediate you to enjoy a unique holiday in the cool waters of the Mediterranean , meets all kinds of comfort demands with different room concepts .

In addition to the standard rooms such as “Standard Room with Land View” and “Standard Room with Forest View”, different alternatives are presented with “Villa” type residences so that you can feel the pleasure of a real summer holiday in accordance with conservative sensitivities. Making a difference among Belek halal hotels with its gigantic location and service standard, Altis Resert Hotel promises not only a summer holiday but also an extraordinary living space.

Special Opportunities and Exclusive Deals

With its gigantic campus dominated by green and blue adorning every corner, Altis Resort Hotel will offer a unique holiday opportunity in the most beautiful location of Antalya with the concept of conservative hotels that provide services in accordance with Islamic values . In addition to special opportunities, you will feel special with privileged opportunities, special activities, all-day events, food and beverage facilities, open buffet dining and many other extraordinary services. Offering a unique summer holiday opportunity for you and your family, Altis Resort Hotel has been specially designed for you to feel the sun and nature in the most effective way.




Antalya Belek

Belek, one of the neighborhoods of the Serik district of Antalya, became a town on November 4, 1988. On November 12, 2012, it gained the status of a district. The district, which has a very low population, stands out with its many historical and natural beauties and attracts people's attention.

Transportation to Antalya Belek

We can say that you can land at Antalya Airport and reach the neighborhood from there. It is also possible to go to Belek by city buses and taxis.

Places to Visit in Antalya Belek

Antalya Belek, which attracts attention with its historical and natural beauties, is a very rich settlement within the scope of places to visit. It is possible to list the places to be seen in Belek in general as follows:

Duden Waterfall

Düden Waterfall is a natural beauty built on the Düden River. Known as the place where Alexander the Great visited during the Anatolian conquests, this area attracts the attention of many people.

Perge Ancient City

It is thought that the ancient city of Perge was founded around the 13th century, and this shows that the ancient city has a deep-rooted history. This ancient city, which is within the scope of places to visit in Antalya Belek, is on the UNESCO World Temporary Heritage List.

Aspendos Theater Ruins

It is thought that the Aspendos Theater, which is within the borders of Serik district, was built in the 5th century.

Zeytintaş Cave

Zeytin Mountain Cave, located in Serik district, is one of the semi-active fossil caves. This feature of the cave ensures that it is visited by thousands of people every year.

Köprülü Canyon National Park

Köprülü Canyon National Park, which is approximately 80 km away from the city center, is an area that can be entered free of charge. Located on an area of ​​35,719 hectares, the national park stands out with its magnificent view.

What to Eat in Antalya Belek?

Within the scope of the question of what to eat in Antalya Belek; It is possible to say that flavors such as kulak soup, Antalya piyaz, hibeş, eggplant caviar can be tried. These foods, which are included in the local tastes, are the flavors that stand out for a pleasant dinner. You can also try these flavors.



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