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Evon Hotel

A Comfortable Accommodation, A Pleasant Holiday

Aiming to provide a comfortable stay for the guests, the hotel has room options that can be listed as follows:

·   Standard Room: One bed, hot setup set, tv , minibar etc. The room, which has amenities, has a width of 25 m .

·   Family Room : Family Room , which is one of the largest rooms in the facility in terms of width, is one of the best options for large families. A double bed, a large triple seat can become 2 beds, room with many options, including armchair 1, 65 m is the size.

·   Junior Family Room : 1 + 1 so that the room has two rooms of 45 m and a width. The room, which contains many facilities such as a 4-person table and chair, a double bed and 1 large triple sofa, is especially suitable for large families.

Each of the above rooms makes the facility, which is within the scope of a family-only hotel , an interesting one.

Amazing Holiday Experience with Special Activities

There are two hotels within the scope of Evon Hotel , the first of which is the hotel's own pool. In addition, the aqua park service, which is 800 meters away from the sea, can also be used by the guests of the facility.

Turkish and World Cuisine Flavors and Magnificent Tastes

Offering special tastes from Turkish and world cuisine, the family hotel has a mixed breakfast or open buffet service. In addition, the restaurant within the scope of the facility is open between 8.00am-10.00pm. Guests can taste the special flavors they desire and have a wonderful holiday experience.





Gazipaşa , located in the easternmost part of Antalya , has a long history. The district, which has a surface area of 931 km , is located at an altitude of 20 meters from the sea. The district, which has managed to attract attention with its historical and natural beauties, is visited by many people.

Transportation to Gazipasa

Many people who want to go to the district conduct in-depth research at the point of transportation to Gazipaşa . There are different options for transportation to the district, which is 182 km away from the city center of Antalya . It is possible to go to the center of Antalya conveniently and comfortably by intercity buses. From here, bus services are organized to the district center and transportation to the district is provided. Due to the presence of Gazipaşa Airport, you can easily reach the district by air.

Places to Visit in Gazipaşa

There are many places that can be included in the list of places to visit in Gazipaşa, which fascinates people with its natural and historical beauty . It is possible to list these places in general terms as follows:

Yalan Dünya(Lie World)Cave

Yalan Dünya Cave, located within the borders of Beyrebucak District, has stalactites and stalagmites. A 450-meter part of the cave, which fascinates visitors with its magnificent appearance, is open to visitors.

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon is one of the areas within the scope of places to visit in Gazipaşa . Although Alanya is within the boundaries of the district, it can be easily reached from Gazipaşa. The canyon is of karst formation and has a height of 400 meters and a length of 350 meters.

Delik(Hole) Sea and King Bay

Delik Sea and Kral Bay, located within the borders of Güneyköy , have a stony beach. It has also managed to attract the attention of visitors with its magnificent sea.

Cave of the Dwarves

Dwarf Cave, located in Sapadere District, is quite small compared to many caves in Antalya. The cave, which has stalactites and stalagmites formed between 10 and 15 thousand years ago, is visited by thousands of people every year.

Selinus Ancient City

Selinus Antique City, located within the borders of Koru Neighborhood , has the distinction of being one of the oldest settlements. We can say that this area, which has hosted many civilizations, is one of the must-see places.

What to Eat in Gazipaşa?

It is possible to say that foods such as Bişme , Göleviz , ülübü and stew can be evaluated within the scope of the question of what to eat in Gazipaşa .



Accommodation Type
Half Pansion
Bed & Brekfast
Property Type
Ladies Privacy
Swimming at the Beach
Beach sunbathing
Hotel Type
Safety Box
7/24 Reception
Dry cleaner
Double Bed
Single Bed
Baby Cot And Crib
Air Conditioner
Remote Control
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Bed Base
Coffee Tea Set
Baby Feeding Chair

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