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Aydın, the twentieth most populous city of Turkey, is one of the highly developed cities in terms of tourism and agricultural activities. It is possible to state that Aydın, whose history dates back to ancient times, has hosted many different civilizations. It is thought that the first settlement in this area started in the 3rd millennium BC.

Transportation to Aydın

At the point of transportation to Aydın, it is possible to state that there are different transportation options that visitors can use. While it is possible to go to Aydın by private vehicles, many companies have bus services directly to the city. In addition, it is known that the railway is another option. There is a high-speed train between İzmir-Aydın-Denizli and it is possible to travel easily between these provinces. You can also reach the city via Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

Places to Visit in Aydın

It is known that there are many natural and historical beauties that visitors should see in Aydın. Some of the many places that can be included in the list of places to visit in Aydın are as follows:

Arapapisti Canyon

Located within the borders of Bozdoğan district of Aydın, Arapapıştı Canyon has a height of 380 meters. It is also known that the canyon has a length of 8 km. It is known that the canyon is visited by those who love nature sports and want to be alone with a magnificent view.

Altinkum Beach

Altınkum Beach is on the list of places to visit in Aydın with its magnificent sea view. The beach, which is within the borders of Didim district, has a very thin and regular appearance. It is known that the sea water temperature of the beach is between 20-24 degrees.

Aphrodisias Ancient City

The Ancient City of Aphrodisias, located within the borders of Karacasu in Aydın, is located at an altitude of 600 meters from the sea. The ancient city, which was built towards the end of the 1st century BC and therefore has a deep-rooted history, is visited by many people.

Cave of Zeus

Zeus Cave, located at the entrance of Kuşadası National Park, attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. The cave, which is formed by the combination of the fresh water from the mountain and the salty water of the sea, has a very interesting appearance.

What to Eat in Aydın?

The question of what to eat in Aydın, which has the magnificent tastes of Aegean cuisine, can be answered as follows:


• cowpea

• Ayran Pastry

• Gypsy Rice

• Zerde

You can try these special flavors and you can fall in love with Aegean cuisine

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