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Alya Sierra Villas located in Bodrum where is the tourism paradise of our country. Located in Torba district of Bodrum, Sierra Villas with halal hotel features are an environment where you can safely vacation with your family and loved ones, and reunite with nature. You will enjoy the freshness of the nature of the Aegean region with its sheltered pools for women and many different opportunities and possibilities!




Alya Sierra Villas is proud to serve its guests in this principle with the sensitivity of halal hotel. It was arranged with the understanding of Islamic hotel quality and sensitivity and was established on an area of 10 thousand square meters. Alya Sierra Bodrum Hotel has 12 luxury villas with private pools.

With its women-only, sheltered outdoor pool and sheltered hot tub/jacuzzi service, your pool and jacuzzi enjoyment is at your service with under guarantee. As per the halal hotel and non-alcoholic hotel policy, no alcohol is served in our facility. Moreover, all kinds of drinks and meals you will consume in our facility are 100% halal. If you want to taste the delicacies in the restaurants outside our hotel, the restaurants where you can find halal food outside Alya Sierra Villas are only 500 meters away.

Our hotel offers free wireless internet access and air-conditioned rooms opening to large balconies. The villas in our hotel are divided into two as Premium Villa and Ultra Deluxe Villa. Our Premium Villa hotel rooms are 135 square meters wide and consist of 3 bedrooms, 1 living room and 3 bathrooms. You can enjoy the pool for the whole family with the completely sheltered outdoor pool that cannot be seen from the outside. Ultra Deluxe Villa, on the other hand, has 230 square meters of space, 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, 5 bathrooms and a completely sheltered outdoor pool and jacuzzi that cannot be seen from the outside. In addition, there is a children's playground, a children's pool and high chairs for all our guests.

The distance of our hotel to Bodrum Airport is approximately 31 kilometers. The free transfer option is valid for our guests who will stay for a minimum of 7 days. There are also private parking spaces for our guests who will come to our halal family hotel with their private car. The halal, alcohol-free family hotel Alya Sierra Villas is looking forward to welcoming you and your loved ones in the beautiful nature of Bodrum!


Mugla Bodrum

Bodrum, one of the 13 districts of Muğla, is known as one of the favorite holiday centers. It is possible to state that the district, which is at an altitude of 10 meters from the sea, has many places to visit and see.

Transportation to Muğla Bodrum

There are many different options at the point of transportation to Muğla Bodrum, each of which makes it possible for the visitors to travel comfortably. Visitors can use the buses that go directly to Bodrum and reach the district by road. In addition, you can go to the district via the International Bodrum Milas Airport. The airport is 36 km from the center of Bodrum. From here, you can reach the district by airport vehicles or by taxi.

Places to Visit in Bodrum, Muğla

There are many places to visit within the scope of the district, which has historical and natural beauties. In the list of places to visit in Muğla Bodrum, it is possible to list the places in the foreground as follows:

Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum

The Underwater Museum, which is the only underwater museum in Turkey, is located in the castle and is a museum where the evidences from the underwater excavations carried out in the district and the surrounding areas are exhibited.

Bitez Beach

Bitez Beach is one of the beaches within the scope of places to visit in Bodrum. The beach, which has the longest coastline of Bodrum, contains many activities.

Usuluk Bay Nature Park

Usuluk Bay Nature Park, which has many tree species, is one of the areas visited by people who want to get away from the stress of daily life. The nature park, which has a quiet and calm environment, is visited by hundreds of tourists every year.

Bodrum Tuzla Bird Sanctuary

Located 25 km from the town center, the bird sanctuary contains 125 different bird sanctuaries. One of the most striking bird species is known as the flamingo.

What to Eat in Muğla Bodrum?

People who want to go to Bodrum wonder what to eat here and do research on the subject. Within the scope of the question of what to eat in Bodrum; We can say that many flavors can be tasted, especially fast food and local dishes. It is known that Bodrum is one of the most special districts of Muğla with its magnificent tastes and view.


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