Asayra Termal Otel

Located in Aydın, Kuşadası, Asayra Thermal Hotel & Spa stands out as one of the ideal hotels for those who want a wonderful holiday experience with its modern architecture and unlimited possibilities. Attracting attention with its abundant sun, fresh air and unique view, the hotel has all the facilities for a conservative holiday experience.


Asayra Thermal Hotel & Spa

A Secluded Holiday Experience

In hotel; There are three different room options: Standard Room, Family Room and Suite Room, and visitors can stay in the room they want if they make a reservation in advance . The hotel, which has the status of thermal hotels , pays attention to every aspect for disabled guests and makes it possible for them to have a comfortable holiday.

People who want a secluded holiday can have pleasant moments with separate pools for men and women. The hotel , which has the feature of being a family-only hotel , is comfortable and acts in accordance with the customer-oriented principle; It stands out with its Turkish bath, sauna, massage, steam room, fitness and thermal pool.

Best Choice for Conservative Families with Islamic Beach Option

The hotel, which offers unlimited opportunities to its visitors and allows them to get away from the stress of daily life; It includes social structures such as restaurants, bars and cafes. A non-alcoholic bar option is offered to visitors for a conservative holiday, and many non-alcoholic beverages allow visitors to reach coolness in hot weather.

The beach, which is located within the hotel with its Islamic beach features, makes it possible for visitors to enjoy the magnificent view, and people lead a stress-free life with the sweet warmth of the sun. There are sunbathing areas on the beach both on the beach and on the grass, and in these areas, visitors get the chance to relax by getting away from the scorching heat of the sun.

Fore the design hotel is adorned with modern lines and intellectuals, Kusadasi locations across Situated Asayr the Thermal Hotel & Spa , with blue in an area where green with integrated, makes it possible to take the time their move away from the life work of the visitors. Specially to the customer-oriented principle, the hotel staff are working hard to make the customers much more comfortable and peaceful and make it possible for the hotel to be one of the most special hotels that can be preferred within the borders of Aydın province.



Aydin Kusadasi

Aydın Kuşadası is one of the rare holiday destinations connected to Aydın, but it is also quite close to İzmir. The western part of the district is completely covered by the Aegean Sea. As can be expected, places to visit in Aydın Kuşadası, where tourism is highly developed, have a wide range. The first settlement in the district, which has a deep-rooted history, dates back to BC. 9-11. It is known to date back to centuries.

Transportation to Aydin Kusadasi

Those who will prefer private vehicles for transportation to Aydın Kuşadası can first reach the city and then the district via Aydın Highway. Those who want to reach the region by airway should first get to Aydın Adnan Menderes Airport. It is possible to use public transportation vehicles to pass from the airport to the district center. The distance between the district and the airport is approximately 82 kilometers.

Places to Visit in Aydin Kusadasi

Places to visit in Kusadasi, Aydin many extremely ancient roots dating back to space as also incorporate the natural beauty and splendor of nature's magic can be felt in the area it includes.

Güvercinada Castle

As it is known, Kuşadası is a residential area stretching along the bay. It is possible to come across many small and large islands in this area called Kuşadası Bay. Güvercinada Castle, on the other hand , is an extremely historical place with roots dating back to the Ottoman period and connected with the land. It is definitely recommended to visit in Kusadasi trips.


Historical Kaleiçi, which is one of the symbols of not only Kuşadası district but also all Aydın , is home to many ancient structures. In Kaleici, which is very close to the district center; There are mosques, baths and city walls.

Micro Miniature Museum

Necati Korkmaz Miniature Museum, which is among the few micro-miniature museums in the world , is literally a point where art meets magnificence. The museum, built in memory of the famous sculptor Necati Korkmaz, should be at the top of the list of places to visit in Aydın Kuşadası .

What to Eat in Aydın Kuşadası?

What to eat in Aydın Kuşadası ? For those who are curious, it is recommended to focus on local flavors. Seafood products will be an extremely delicious choice, especially since they are very fresh in the region.




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Spa Center
Turkish Bath
Accommodation Type
Half Pansion
Bed & Brekfast
Property Type
Ladies Privacy
Special Pool
Women's Pool
Sheltered Pool
Sheltered Ladies Pool
Turkish Bath
Sauna Seperated For Ladies
Swimming at the Beach
Beach sunbathing
Spa Center
Hotel Type
Thermal Hotel
Double Bed
Single Bed
Baby Cot And Crib
Air Conditioner
Remote Control
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Hot Tub
Bed Base
Coffee Tea Set
Baby Feeding Chair
Safety Box
Dry cleaner
7/24 Reception
Indoor Pool

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