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Siz Inn Hotel , which has started to host its visitors in the best way since February 22, 2020, is located in Urla, Izmir. The hotel, which has a magnificent harmony of green and blue, is 7 km from the center of Urla. The property, which is a very good option for those who want to have an economical holiday, serves its visitors with its comfortable rooms. It is possible to say that the hotel, which stands out with its rooms with sea and pool views and has various activities, attracts attention. Located 46 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, Siz Inn Hotel offers service with a mixed pool concept.


Siz Inn Hotel

A Wonderful Holiday Pleasure with Rooms with Pool, Sea and Land Views

The hotel, which attracts attention with its magnificent view and has many room options, is one of the favorite facilities of Urla. The comfortable room options in the hotel are as follows:

Standard Room: Telephone, air conditioner, TV etc. The room is 20 m2 wide. The floor of the room with a minibar is parquet.

Pool View Room: Wireless internet, TV, air conditioner, telephone etc. room with amenities; 25 m2 is the size.

Sea View Room: floor room with views of 30 m 2 has a width.

Suite Room: room with parquet floor, 70 m 2 has a width.

Sea View Balcony Deluxe Room: 35 m 2 wide room with a TV, air conditioning, telephone, walk-in shower bathroom facilities.

The rooms within the scope of the facility have an alcohol-free minibar option and ensure a comfortable stay for the visitors.

Special Tastes for Turkish and World Cuisine

Special tastes from Turkish and world cuisine are offered to visitors within the scope of the hotel. The concept of the hotel being a “bed and breakfast” makes it possible for visitors to have free breakfast. In addition to this, lunch and dinner are also served with a perfect view for a certain fee. The facility, which can be considered as a family-only hotel , makes it possible for visitors to have a wonderful holiday experience.

A Stress-Free Holiday Experience with Mixed Pool Option

With the mixed pool option , the hotel ensures that the visitors have a pleasant holiday. We can also say that the facility, which has a private area on the beach, offers the pleasure of the sea to the holidaymakers. You can come to the hotel to have a wonderful holiday experience and breathe the air of the Aegean .




Urla is a district of Izmir, located in the Aegean Region, which is described as Turkey's apple of the eye. Although the district resembles a peninsula with its location and geographical features, it is highly developed in terms of tourism due to this feature. The places to visit in Urla, which is one of the most frequented points of especially summer tourism visitors, also includes an extremely wide range. BC settlement in various parts of the district. It is known to date back to the 40th century. Therefore, it should be noted that Urla hosts a great diversity in terms of culture.

Transportation to Urla

In order to reach Urla ; Since the district has a minimal peninsula, visitors should first visit the city center of Izmir. In visits to the region by road, the priority is to reach central locations, but the same method should be adopted for air transportation. Visitors who want to reach the district by air should use the bus services from Adanan Menderes Airport to the region.

Places to Visit in Urla

Things to Do in Urla largely consists largely of natural beauty. The district, which contains all the characteristic features of İzmir, is also home to very special islands.

Quarantine Island

Karantina Island, which is shown among the symbols of Urla, is connected to the district by road. At the same time, transportation is very easy with the sea bus services to the island. The island, which has a long history of use, is also remarkable with its natural features.

Art Street

Art Street, just one of the famous streets of Urla, is an area where you can find special works of art from almost every branch of art. The street, which is extremely close to the district center, is definitely recommended to be visited on Urla trips.

Klazomenai Ancient City

The ancient city of Klazomenai, which hosts many historical ruins, is home to an architectural understanding that reflects all the characteristic features of ancient civilizations in the Aegean Region. It is recommended to go to the ancient city of Klazomenai within the scope of places to visit in Urla .

Malgaca Waters

Healing Malgaca waters, which have positive effects on many health problems with its healing water, is also one of the points that should definitely be visited when visiting Urla .

What to Eat in Urla?

As a result of visiting Urla, it is impossible not to come to the region and taste local delicacies. In this context, it is recommended to prefer Aegean-concept restaurants and cafes in the district for those who are curious about what to eat in Urla .

Food and Beverages Services
Accommodation Type
Bed & Brekfast
Property Type
Ladies Privacy
Sheltered Pool
Swimming at the Beach
Beach sunbathing
Hotel Type
Safety Box
7/24 Reception
Dry cleaner
Double Bed
Single Bed
Baby Cot And Crib
Air Conditioner
Remote Control
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Bed Base
Coffee Tea Set
Baby Feeding Chair

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