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Istanbul European Side

Istanbul European Side is the part of Istanbul on Europe and includes many districts. The European Side, where the districts stand out with their historical beauties, especially attract the attention of foreign tourists.

Transportation to the European Side of Istanbul

We can say that there are basically three different options for people who want to go to the districts on the Anatolian Side: sea, land and train. It is possible to take the ferryboats departing from Kadıköy and Üsküdar to go from the Anatolian Side to the European Side. On the other hand, you can go to Sirkeci from Üsküdar and from there to Yenikapı by Marmaray. In addition, it is known that there are bus, minibus and metro lines in the European Side.

Places to Visit on the European Side of Istanbul

The European Side, which attracts attention with its historical texture, also contains many places to visit. The places to visit on the European Side with their magnificent historical and natural beauties can be listed as follows:

Beyazit Square and Bazaars

Beyazıt Square, one of the places where history is woven in knots, promises a lot to those who want to make a magnificent journey through history. Istanbul University and the second-hand bookshops bazaar stand out as symbolic places in this area.

Karakoy, Tophane

Located on the tram route, Karaköy is one of the most crowded districts of Istanbul. The district includes an area called the French Provisional. The cafes here offer liveliness and calmness together. Tophane Region, which was used as a cannon casting workshop in the past, contains different historical places.

Besiktas, Bosphorus, Ortakoy

Besiktas, Bosphorus, Ortakoy; The European Side is the areas within the scope of places to visit. Beşiktaş bazaar is a must-see. Visitors who soak up the Bosphorus view on the beach can walk towards Ortaköy. Since Yıldız Park is not far away, you should also visit the park with its magnificent atmosphere.

Eyup Sultan Mosque, Pier Loti

Eyüp Sultan Mosque, which was started to be built in the 1400s, is a structure offered to those who want to be alone with history. Visitors who want to ask for tea with a magnificent view can find peace by going to Pier Loti.

Fatih, Yedikule Dungeons

Fatih Mosque and Complex is located in Fatih district, which has witnessed many events in history. The Yedikule Dungeons here should definitely be seen.

What to Eat on the European Side of Istanbul?

For those who are wondering what to eat on the European side, you can eat fish and bread in Eminönü, baklava in Ortaköy, and drink boza in Fatih.



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