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Narven Thermal Hotel

Unique Hotel for Islamic Vacation

The hotel, built with Islamic standards, includes all options for visitors to perform their prayers. The hotel, which is known as a non-alcoholic all-inclusive holiday village ; It has everything for those who want more than a holiday with its infirmary, masjid , beauty centers, meeting rooms, pools for children and adults. Visitors can enjoy the activities they want in the hotel, in the mountains, in the forest and on the water, and open the door to a wonderful holiday.

Enjoyable and Special Activities

There are basically four different types of pools within the hotel, and these pools are; pools with slides, entertainment pools, swimming pools and children's pools. Customers who want to breathe a magnificent atmosphere in the spacious pools can find peace with the calming effect of soothing music. Within the scope of Narven Termal comments , it is known that many customers like to enjoy themselves , especially on sunbeds .

Thermal pools within the scope of the hotel make it possible for visitors to lead a healthy life and get away from stress. For this reason, we can state that the thermal pools in particular attract attention and that the customers have pleasant moments in the thermal pools. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to experience unique flavors by accessing flavors from the branch .

Narven Thermal Hotel Reservation

Narven Thermal Town , which is a holiday town, has different accommodation options for its customers and these options can be listed as follows:

·  1+1 Apartments

·  2+1 Apartments

·  3+1 Apartments

·  Villas

Large families mostly prefer villas and get the chance to have a comfortable holiday. Visitors can book the rooms they want in advance within the scope of their holiday plans and enjoy a wonderful holiday without any problems. We can say that the hotel, which contains all the magnificence of nature, provides its customers with a holiday experience that attracts many people.




Located in the Black Sea Region, Bolu stands out with its magnificent nature and natural beauties and is visited by many people, in particular in winter. It is known that Bolu, which is built on an area of ​​8,313 km2, has 9 districts.

How to go to Bolu?

You can go to Bolu from any city in Turkey by private vehicles. In addition, there are different alternatives for transportation to Bolu. You can easily reach the city by intercity bus services. On the other hand, there are public buses and minibuses in the city, making it possible to travel between districts easily.

Places to Visit in Bolu

The city, which welcomes its visitors with its magnificent view, also has areas that make it possible to have a pleasant time. In this context, the list of places to visit in Bolu can be sorted as follows:

Abant Lake and Nature Park

Abant Lake, known as the landslide set lake, is surrounded by fir and pine trees. Visitors can spend a pleasant time on the lake coast and enjoy the view.

Sülüklü Lake

Located within the borders of Mudurnu district, Sülüklü Lake is one of the places that can be visited by private vehicle or daily tours. The lake was formed by the collapse that occurred after the earthquake. It attracts attention with its magnificent view and peaceful view.

Yedigoller National Park

Yedigöller National Park is one of the most important areas within the scope of places to visit in Bolu. There are seven different lakes called Sazlıgöl, İncegöl, Deringöl, Seringöl, Büyükgöl, Nazlıgöl and Küçükgöl within the national park. A fee must be paid in the amount determined at the entrance to the national park.

Golcuk Nature Park

Gölcük Nature Park, which has a magnificent view of the lake and fascinates the visitors, offers a scenery worthy of a postcard, especially in snowy weather. For this reason, most of the people who visit Bolu do not return without visiting Gölcük Nature Park.

What to Eat in Bolu?

For those who are curious about the answer to the question of what to eat in Bolu, it is possible to offer the following local delicacies:

• Kedi Batmaz

• Ovmaç soup

•Bahar soup

• Abant kebab

• Orman kebab

• Bean soup with yogurt

Many people desire to taste local delicacies, as these mouth-watering dishes make people who visit Bolu feel happy and peaceful.



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Half Pansion
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