Pelemir Otel

Pelemir Hotel is located in İhsaniye , one of the most exclusive areas of Düzce , approximately 2 hours away from Istanbul . Families private hotel with the concept of the Pelemir hotel, but also for business meetings and special events can be also made to organizations such as convention facilities are recognized. In addition , it is possible to organize weddings and similar organizations within the scope of the facilities provided by Pelemir Hotel.


Pelemir Hotel

Hosting a concept designed according to Islamic methods, the property promises a special holiday experience intertwined with nature and historical places. Located only 6 km from the center of Düzce, Pelemir Hotel is very close to all the natural beauties of Düzce as well as to modern facilities.

Special Holiday Experience in Natural and Historical Places

Pelemir Hotel, which is among the conservative hotels , has a very special location where you can feel the extraordinary beauties of nature and the unique texture of historical places at the same time. Pelemir Hotel, which hosts many services provided at high standards , also offers activities where your family or guests can spend time in the most effective way.

Pelemir Hotel offers a wide range of advanced services especially for those who want to organize business organizations in touch with nature in Düzce . In addition to the ball and congress halls, areas specially designed for meetings will enable you to host your guests in the most effective way. Moreover, all the services provided include services designed according to Islamic methods .

Social Facilities and Pools

Pelemir Hotel, which hosts many social facilities such as a winter garden, terrace, open spaces, garden, meeting rooms and similar facilities , also has restaurants and cafes that provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pelemir Hotel, which can meet almost all kinds of comfort demands with different room alternatives , also offers villa options for Conservative families .

In addition to the Standard and Suite Room options, the hotel also has the King Room concept. In addition, there are multiple pools designed separately for the use of children and adults in the facility. With the privileges of Pelemir Hotel, it is also possible to access facilities such as the Spa and Fitness Center that will enable you to protect your health in the most effective way during your stay .



Düzce is a rather modest city on the Western Black Sea coast of Turkey. On the other hand , the city, which has been actively used by many civilizations from ancient civilizations to the present , is home to many historical ruins. At the same time, the natural beauties in the city provide a unique magic to those who come to visit the city. In this context, places to visit in Düzce correspond to an extremely wide area. The city, which draws attention especially with its natural beauties, reflects all the characteristic features of the Western Black Sea Region.

Transportation to Duzce

There are a limited number of methods that can be used to reach Düzce . There is no alternative other than the highway option to reach Düzce, which is located very close to extremely important centers such as Ankara, Izmit, Eskişehir and Istanbul. It is possible for visitors to reach the region easily by intercity bus services or private vehicles.

Places to Visit in Düzce

There are countless natural beauties among the places to visit in Düzce . Moreover, it is possible to visit these natural beauties, which are located very close to each other, in a short time and to discover the most magnificent state of nature in Düzce itself.

Aydınpinar Waterfall

With its unique beauty, Aydınpınar Waterfall offers an extraordinary advantage to those who want to discover the most magnificent state of nature. It will be enough to complete a short journey to reach the waterfall, which is located very close to the city center.

Hemsin Mosque

Hemşin Mosque, one of the first structures that come to mind when talking about places to visit in Düzce , was built in the second half of the 19th century. Located only 15 km from Akçakoca, one of the most important central districts of the city, the mosque was built by Hemşin’s local people who had to migrate to the region from Artvin.

Melen Stream

Melen Stream, one of the most important rafting centers in Turkey, is one of the natural beauties that must be visited during visits to Düzce.

Akcakoca Genoese Castle

Akcakoca Genoese Castle, typical of Central Anatolia and the Black Sea off extremely well unlike the castle a has architecture. The roots of the castle, which is thought to have been built during the Genoese period, date back to the 13th century.

What to Eat in Düzce?

For those wondering what to eat in Düzce ; Smoked Fish, Mancarli Pide, Circassian Chicken,Kırlangıç Soup and Anchovy Pastry are among the most famous delicacies of the region.



Accommodation Type
Bed & Brekfast
Property Type
Ladies Privacy
Sheltered Pool
Hotel Type
City Hotel
7/24 Reception
Dry cleaner
Double Bed
Single Bed
Baby Cot And Crib
Air Conditioner
Remote Control
Mini Bar
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Bed Base
Coffee Tea Set
Baby Feeding Chair

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