Amisos Hotel

Amisos Hotel provides service in Atakum , Samsun, the most special city in Black Sea, which stands out with its unique beauties . The facility, which has a service concept designed according to Islamic methods, has a unique concept where you can feel an extraordinary comfort in the comfort of home. It is possible to hold business meetings at the property, which has special services for families and children .


Amisos Hotel

Offering the opportunity to organize events such as weddings, invitations, proms and meetings with a high level of service quality, the facility has an extraordinary location. Hosting a family-only hotel concept, the property has special room types where you can feel the highest level of comfort. In addition, since the location of the hotel is quitecentral, it is possible to gain advantage in transportation.

High Standard Health Themed Activities

Conservative Hotels facilities providing services concept, a variety of activities themed health serves as host. Amisos Hotel, which has special areas such as indoor and outdoor pools, Turkish Bath, Fitness Center, SPA Center, Sauna and Salt Room, will allow you to integrate yourself with comfort in terms of health while feeling the unique comfort experience in depth.

It is possible to easily feel the feeling of comfort and peace in the Salt Room which has been specially prepared and designed according to Islamic methods . The Salt Room, which has proven its therapeutic value, contributes to the elimination of many health problems in the body , especially joint and body pain . It is also possible to completely eliminate many health problems by making use of other health services.

Discover the Natural Beauties in the Green of the Black Sea

In addition, Amisos Hotel, which provides extremely important services in order to hold business meetings and host your guests, hosts meeting rooms. With meeting rooms offered in different sizes and concepts, you can host your guests in a comfortable environment in the light of high technology.

There are 5 different room types in the property, which also has a hotel concept for families . The rooms, which can be used comfortably by large or small families, are designed in world standards and attract attention with their designs. The rooms, which stand out with their designs in which the regional architecture is deeply felt, are equipped with modern facilities to achieve a ultra comfort.






Samsun is a city that draws attention with its natural beauties and is located in the Central Black Sea Region of Turkey's Black Sea Region. The city, which has a metropolitan status, is famous for its thermal springs and historical sites , as well as hosting many natural beauties, which are among the characteristic features of the Black Sea Region . In addition to the natural beauties among the places to visit in Samsun , there are also ski resorts that can be considered ideal for winter tourism . It is possible to ski in certain periods of winter in the ski center, which is located at the peak of Akdağ.

Transportation to Samsun

There are many methods that can be preferred for transportation to Samsun . To reach the city; It is possible to use sea, road or airway. It is possible to reach the city center from the western regions of Turkey via the D 010 highway, which starts from Sakarya and extends to the middle part of the Black Sea. In addition, the city can be easily reached by private vehicles via the Samsun-Ankara Highway.

Places to Visit in Samsun

As the places to visit in Samsun have been stated, they are unique natural beauties where blue and green intersect, mostly in accordance with the Black Sea region. In addition, the city, which is famous for its monuments and piers, also has structures that reflect the modern urbanism concept in the most effective way.

Amisos Hill

Amisos Hill will be a very successful option for those who want to watch the city from high and dominate the entire city skyline . It is possible to reach the hill, which gives the opportunity to feel Samsun and its natural beauties in depth, by cable car.

Famous Clock Tower

Samsun's famous Clock Tower should be at the top of the list of places to visit in Samsun . The historical building attracts attention with its architectural features, as well as II. It was built by a French engineer during the reign of Abdülhamid.

Basin Hot Springs

Havza Hot Springs have very impressive features like the waters that are extremely beneficial for health in many regions of Anatolia . It is possible to control many health problems with hot spring waters with very high mineral levels.

Cakirlar Grove

Samsun Atakum district is located only 19 kilometers O a short IRs Woods, the nature of the Black Sea is quite the right choice for those who want to observe in person. It is possible to take long and uninterrupted nature walks in this grove.

What to Eat in Samsun?

For those wondering what to eat in Samsun, one of the local delicacies of the region; It is recommended to taste delicacies such as Baklalı Sarma, Nokul , Corn Flour Soup, Pickle Roasted, Haluçka and Samsun Pita.


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