Quantum Hotel

Quantum Hotel provides service in Trabzon where is one of the most beautiful locations of the Black Sea . Providing service with a conservative hotel concept, the facility has an extremely high standard of service quality , where you can feel the privileges deeply . It is possible to have a comfortable holiday experience in the facility, which was built with the latest technological devices and equipment.


Quantum Hotel

Quantum Hotel, which offers easy access due to its central location, allows you to reach life in almost every region of Trabzon without any problems.Quantum Hotel, where you can feel the privileges in depth, also hosts the hotel concept for families .

You will be lost in the natural magic of the Black Sea

Quantum Hotel, which offers the opportunity to experience a unique accommodation in the magic of the Black Sea, is just near the Black Sea. Therefore, you can easily observe the magnificent magic of the Black Sea from the facility and stay peacefully in the light of the extraordinary view . You can have the pleasure of having breakfast in the extraordinary view of the hotel, or take a tea or coffee break, within the possibilities provided by the hotel concept for families .

The facility, which was designed in accordance with the extraordinary fascination of the Eastern Black Sea Region, hosts almost every element of modern and classical architecture. Notably large families of all families from every kind of demand able to respond to the demands of comfort facility has the facility , according to Islamic rules designed business service provides.

Feel At Home With Comfortable Room Types

Hosting 6 different room types, Quantum Hotel can easily meet the comfort demands of almost every standard. Specially prepared for large families and those with a high standard of comfort, the Suite Family Room will provide you with a unique holiday experience. Likewise, the Large Family Room has an impressive structure that will allow you to feel the concept of a hotel special for families in depth .

You can feel a unique comfort in depth with the Mini Compact Room, which is suitable for those who want to stay individually or for more minimal families . It is possible to feel not only the comfort but also the extraordinary magic of the Black Sea with the Terrace Room concept, which is specially offered for those who want to feel the Black Sea view closely. Moreover , you will feel at home with the high standard service offered in all room types



Trabzon, Turkey's most populous twenty-seventh province, is visited especially in autumn and spring, as it has every shade of green. Known as the second largest city in the Black Sea Region after Samsun, Trabzon's natural beauties enable many people to get away from the stress of daily life.

How to go to Trabzon?

There are different options at the point of transportation to Trabzon, and the most preferred one is the road. There are direct bus services to Trabzon from many cities. In addition to this, you can easily reach the city by private vehicles. The fact that there is an airport in the city makes it possible for many people to prefer the airline. There are both direct and connecting flights to the city.

Places to Visit in Trabzon

There are many natural beauties to be seen in this city surrounded by greenery. For those who are curious about the list of places to visit in Trabzon, it is possible to sort as follows:

Uzungol and Karester Plateau

The minibuses departing from Uzungöl make it possible to go directly to this plateau. We can state that Karester Plateau, with its magnificent view and green areas, is an ideal option for those who want to be alone with nature.

Uzungol Nature Park

Uzungöl, which is established on an area of​​1625 hectares, was declared a nature park in 1989. It is possible to state that visits to the nature park, which stands out with its magnificent view and natural beauty, are frequently made.

Sera Lake and Sera Lake Nature Park

The earthquake that occurred in the Sera Creek Valley in 1950 caused the Sera Lake to form. Declaring the area in which the lake is located as a nature park in 2010, has enabled those who want to find peace to come to this area.

Çal Village Cave

Çal Village Cave has an important place in the list of places to visit in Trabzon. Located within the borders of Düzköy district of Trabzon, the cave has a length of 8 km and its 1 km long areas are open to visitors. It is possible to say that the cave is very interesting with its natural formations such as stalagmites, stalactites and so on.

What to Eat in Trabzon?

Corn bread, anchovies, stuffed kale, chard Kaygana, laz pastry, Black Sea pastry; These are just a few of the answers to the question of what to eat in Trabzon. You can also taste wonderful flavors and make your day better by spending time in a pleasant way.


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