Elbis Hotel

If you want to say hello to an extraordinary holiday in the depths of nature with your family on the slope of the Kaz Mountains, Elbis Hotel promises you a unique holiday experience with its understanding of service according to Islamic methods and other opportunities it offers generously by being inspired by nature. The region where the hotel, which was built in Balıkesir's Altınoluk location, is located, is the area with the highest quality oxygen in terms of oxygen after the Alps in Switzerland. Elbis Hotel, where greenery and blue meet uniquely between the forest and the sea, opens the doors of an unforgettable holiday with your family.


Elbis Hotel

Service Concept Designed by Considering Islamic Values

Elbis Hotel, which cares for your privacy at the highest level and desires to mediate you and your family to have an extraordinary holiday experience; With separate swimming pools for men and women, pool facilities for children, non-alcoholic bars and activities and games developed specifically for women, it offers a unique holiday opportunity not only to you, but to every member of your family.

Special Areas for Children and Ladies

Offering pool facilities only for women at different standards, Elbis Hotel also enables women to experience the sea in comfort with its private beach. The hotel, which has a concept specially developed for children, has expert staff so that there is no disruption in the education of children while enjoying their holiday. In addition to special pools and playgrounds for children, the expert staff at the hotel take special care of children at certain times of the day so that children between the ages of 4 and 7 can have a comfortable holiday experience.

You will feel the comfort of home in nature

Elbis Hotel will provide a unique holiday experience with its clean air, oxygen storage living space and its location in the forests for those who want to experience the alternative holiday opportunity in touch with nature. Elbis Hotel, which has comfort-filled room standards where you can feel the oxygen in its purest form, in addition to all the other facilities offered by the hotel; It offers a wide range of alternatives such as “Honeymoon Room”, “Sea&Land Premium”, “Junior Suite”, “Black Duplex Suite”, “Sea Duplex Suite”, “Sea Duplex King Suite” and “Suite Room” for the comfort of its guests.




Balıkesir is one of the rare cities in Turkey that borders the Marmara and Aegean Seas at the same time. Located in the south of Marmara, the city is particularly striking with its natural beauties and blue flag beaches. Places to visit in Balıkesir mostly include natural views where blue and green are in a unique integrity. The roots of the city, which has many well-known and very suitable districts in terms of summer tourism, go back to ancient times.

Transportation to Balikesir

Reach to Balıkesir; It is extremely easy from big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. In addition, it is also possible to travel within the city by means of the sea bus services organized between the districts within the city. The extremely long distances between the districts of Balıkesir, in particular, caused the sea ​​route to provide significant advantages at this point .

Places to Visit in Balikesir

As mentioned, places to visit in Balikesir are full of natural beauties and cultural heritages. While it is possible to come across unique landscapes in almost every district of the city, it is also possible to feel the extraordinary harmony of green and blue.

Sarimsakli Beach

The world-famous Sarimsakli Beach is one of the beauties of the city , which has the characteristic of being a symbol . Sarimsakli Beach, located within the borders of Ayvalık district, is approximately 8 kilometers from Ayvalık. It is possible to come across accommodation facilities that provide world-class service on Sarimsakli Beach, where the facilities are quite strong.

Pasalimani Island

Balikesir to visit places when it is said of the natural beauty comes to mind first is Paşalimanı Island, world famous with another man Avşa Island is extremely close to the location. Pasalimani Island, which stands out with its unique beauty , also has a deep-rooted history.

Cinarli Village Beach

Çınarlı Village Beach is the unique intersection point of green and blue with its natural and untouched nature. Located in a very special location, Çınarlı Village Beach also stands out with its calm and peaceful nature.

Antandros Ancient City

Antandros Ancient City , which is at the forefront among the historical monuments of Balıkesir , has a unique location on the slopes of Kazdağı. B.C. The ancient city, which is thought to have a history dating back to the 5th century, has hosted many civilizations on the stage of history.

What to Eat in Balikesir?

What to eat in Balikesir ? One of the local flavors of the region; It is recommended to taste delicacies such as “Zerde”, “Höşmerim”, “Tirit”, “ Eggplant with Cheese”, “Sura” and “Balıkesir Ravioli with Chicken” .



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