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Bursa, one of most populous city in Turkey, stands out with its historical and natural beauties. The city, which has the most special shades of green, is visited by people who want to get away from the stress of daily life and have a peaceful time. Located at an altitude of 155 meters from the sea, the city has many special places to visit and see.

Transportation to Bursa

Many people who want to see this special city go to the city by doing their research on the question of how to get to Bursa. People who want to go from Istanbul to Bursa can easily use the sea buses. In addition, many bus companies have direct flights to Bursa. Furthermore, it is possible to say that the bus option is also comfortable. You can also reach the city in a short time by private vehicle.

Places to Visit in Bursa

In order for a city to be known closely, it is necessary to see the historical and natural beauties in the city. In this context, places to visit in Bursa can be listed as follows:

Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi Tombs

Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi are important figures as they are the founders of the Ottoman Empire. The tombs in Tophane Square are therefore visited by many people every year. There are plain decorations on the windows of the Organ Gazi Tomb.

Koza Han

Koza Han is one of the buildings on the list of places to visit in Bursa. Known as the historical shopping center of Bursa, Koza Han was built during the Second World War. It was built by Bayezid at the end of the 15th century.

Old Mirrored Bazaar

Located next to Koza Han, the Old Mirrored Bazaar is one of the structures that attracts a lot of attention.

Tuzaklı Village

Tuzaklı Village, located in Osmangazi district, is at the beginning of the picnic areas and fascinates people with its view. Since Tuzaklı Village has a history of 900 years, it is known that this place is also historically valuable.

What to Eat in Bursa?

Within the scope of the question of what to eat in Bursa, the answer of İskender is certainly given. Bursa iskender comes to the fore with its taste and is tasted by many people. For this reason, it is recommended that people who go to the city do not return without eating İskender. In addition to this, it is possible to say that different flavors can be tried, especially İnegöl meatballs, Cantik, Tahini pita.



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