Roof 264 Hotel & Suites

Roof 264 has a concept specially developed for those who want to have a holiday experience intertwined with nature and designed according to Islamic methods . Welcoming guests with a high level of service standard , Roof 264 brings together the natural beauties of Sakarya with comfort. With its special location that will allow you to feel all the magnificence of nature in depth, the property promises an memorable holiday experience .


Roof 264 Hotel

Roof 264, where the family-only hotel concept comes to the fore , allows every family to have a comfortable experience with different room options . Offering an extraordinary accommodation experience especially for those who enjoy being in touch with nature, the property has a special location where you can easily access the magnificent natural beauties of Sakarya.

Unique Location Intertwined with Nature

Roof 264, which is among the most popular Islamic hotels , is located approximately 2 hours from Istanbul. The facility, which offers the opportunity to be intertwined with all the natural beauties of Sakarya; It is in the immediate vicinity of natural beauties such as Sapanca Lake , Kartepe , Doğançay and Taraklı. In addition, the hotel, which is close to many centers brought by modern urbanism, offers a holiday experience intertwined with nature.

Roof 264, which offers a very important alternative for those who want to take nature trips and walks where nature is in the center, is located in a lively and dynamic location . In addition to all natural beauties and historical places; Shopping centers , hospitals, pharmacies and restaurants designed according to Islamic methods that provide special services are also very close to Roof 264 .

High Standard of Service and Comfort Together

Roof 264, which will allow you to feel the nature in depth, also offers a comfortable accommodation experience in the very center of nature. The facility, which can provide services in accordance with the demands of every family with different room types , also offers halal concept hotel privileges for you and your family.

Affordable, Deluxe, JR . Home to 4 different room types, Suite and Corner Suite , each room of the facility is designed with inspiration from nature. All the room alternatives, where you can easily feel the high level of comfort, will enable you to reach peace and comfort at the same time after the unity you will establish with nature .



Sakarya , also known as Adapazarı, is one of the most special cities in Turkey, which is of great importance especially due to its location . The city, where natural beauties are at the forefront, dates back to the times when the Byzantine Empire ruled in Anatolia in terms of origin. Famous for its plateaus, streams and thermal springs, Sakarya also has the unique beauties of nature among the places to visit .

Transportation to Sakarya

The only method that can be used to reach Sakarya is by road. The city, which is extremely close to metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Izmit, Eskisehir and Ankara, is the top stop on the road. It is also possible to discover the unique natural beauties of Sakarya through the railway services to the region. Sakarya can be reached by train services via Ankara, Eskişehir and Istanbul.

Places to Visit in Sakarya

Sakarya place to visit sooner , especially as areas of natural beauty fore covering and historic sites are among the areas that must be visited.

Justin nianus Bridge

The Justinian Bridge is an extraordinary beauty with a deep-rooted history and inherited from the period when the region was under the rule of the Byzantine Empire. Located very close to the city center, the Justinian Bridge is a very important alternative for those who want to experience historical places in person .

Kuzuluk Spa

The most prominent areas within the scope of places to visit in Sakarya are undoubtedly the hot springs. Although there is a wide range of thermal spring options in the region, Kuzuluk Thermal Spring is heavily preferred especially within the scope of health tourism with its healing water.

Sapanca Cigdem Plateau

Sapanca Çiğdem Plateau is one of the natural beauties identified with Sakarya. Although it is partly far from the city center, Sapanca Çiğdem Plateau is worth to see.

Sogucak Plateau

One of the most special areas of Sakarya, which is famous for its plateaus, where all visitors can feel at peace, is Soğucak Plateau. Soğucak Plateau is the right choice for those who want to get away from city life .

What to Eat in Sakarya?

What to eat in Sakarya ? There are many local delicacies for those who are curious. Local delicacies that must be tasted in Sakarya visits; It is Stuffed Quince with Molasses,Circassian Chicken, Islama Meatballs and Dımbıl Soup.


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