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Sos Cave Hotel

Nature trips , hiking trails, a variety of special events and Cappadocia region of textural true for the properties andother activity opportunities with Sos Cave Hotel offers you a unique holiday opportunity to rediscover nature. Having the feature of a halal concept hotel , Sos Cave Hotel provides special services for families with high Islamic sensitivity. In the facility where alcohol is not sold, the rooms offered in different standards meet all kinds of comfort demands of the guests.

You will find peace in the natural texture of Cappadocia

Hosting a unique view, Sos Cave Hotel also hosts a hotel concept for families . Offering a unique holiday opportunity that families will remember for a long time , the property also offers various activities for children. It is also possible for children to participate in cultural and nature trips in the region together with adults.

You can deeply feel the taste of nature in Ürgüp and Göreme during the trips carried out to discover the natural beauties of the region . In addition, you can examine the unique cultural texture of Cappadocia, one of the centers of civilization, on site, in the cultural tours held in the region. Moreover, all these possibilities , the Islamic accordance with the procedures have been designed are presented with the concept of service. 

Comfortable Holiday Experience

Having the feature of a halal concept hotel , Sos Cave Hotel provides extremely special services for you and your family to enjoy a comfortable holiday by taking advantage of the highest level of privileges. In the facility, which has different room alternatives, it is possible for large families or couples to stay with a high level of comfort.

Each room includes free cosmetics and bath products, as well as a hairdryer. 17 rooms from television all the rooms consist of facilities and very important needs such as custom shower stall is located in Cappadocia, which allows an extraordinary unique views of the holiday Sauce Cave Hotel will make you feel in themselves the nature of the comfort of your home.




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Accommodation Type
Bed & Brekfast
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Hotel Type
City Hotel
7/24 Reception
Double Bed
Single Bed
Air Conditioner
Remote Control
Ironing Board
Hot Tub
Bed Base
Coffee Tea Set
Safety Box

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