Hedef Beyt Hotel


Hedef Beyt Hotel

More Than a Hotel for a Peaceful Holiday

There are basically six different types of rooms within the hotel, and these rooms are; They can be listed as Family Suite Room, Connection Family Room, Big Room, Sea View Room, Standard Room and 1st Floor Room without View. We can say that there are many different possibilities at Hedef Bey Hotel, which is within the scope of conservative hotels.

In order to make it possible for women to enter the pool in a much more convenient and comfortable way, the hotel has a women's swimming pool within the hotel and has an indoor and outdoor option for men. In addition, separate SPA options for men and women are among the services of the hotel.

Experience Pleasant Moments with Spectacular Activities

With many daytime activities, we can say that the hotel offers much more than a holiday to the visitors. The hotel officials, who believe that happy moments are lived together, do their best to make the visitors feel peaceful. The hotel within the scope of the most popular Islamic hotels; It has darts, beach volleyball, tennis tournament, water polo, backgammon tournament, pool games, astroturf activities.

The Best Option for a Conservative Family Vacation

Within the scope of the hotel, tour organizations are also organized to the historical and natural beauties located nearby. Visitors who want to taste the most special tastes make it possible for people to spend peaceful and pleasant hours by having much more than a holiday with its magnificent tastes and the feature of being an alcohol-free family hotel.

The hotel has areas that make it possible for business life to continue without interruption. In this context, with three different meeting rooms, visitors can experience peaceful moments and continue their working life uninterruptedly. The hotel is known as the best option for conservative family vacation and is preferred by many people.




Izmir , has the distinction of being the third largest city in Turkey. Called the Pearl of the Aegean, İzmir hosts many historical and cultural elements, as well as having a very important position in terms of modern facilities . Places to visit in Izmir include an extremely wide range in this context. From natural beauties to cultural heritages, from modern museums to impressive social facilities, İzmir has almost all kinds of impressive areas.

Transportation to Izmir

There are more than one method that can be used for transportation to Izmir . Those who want to visit the city with their private vehicles can easily enter the city through the highways with different alternatives. Those who want to visit Izmir by air transportation should transfer to Adnan Menderes Airport and reach Izmir city center or other districts from there.

Izmir from Attractions

İzmir has a wide range of places to visit. For those who are looking for places to visit in Izmir, the different locations that stand out can be listed as follows:


Kordon is one of the places that those who want to visit this magnificent city by taking a small tour in İzmir should definitely not go back to without stopping by. Kordon, which has a unique nature view, is also very close to the city center. Kordon is one of the most ideal addresses to rediscover the unique and endless sea.

Izmir Historical Elevator

Within the scope of places to visit in Izmir, one of the places that almost everyone should visit first is the historical Izmir elevator. The doors of the elevator located in Konak square are open to visitors.

Konak Yali Mosque

Konak Yalı Mosque, which is one of the symbols of the Konak district of Izmir and the city in general, is another address that should definitely be visited when traveling to Izmir. The mosque was built by Abdülmecit Han during the Ottoman period.

Izmir Natural Life Park

One of the most popular addresses in İzmir, İzmir Natural Life Park is also home to many wild animals. It is definitely recommended, especially for trips with children.

Izmir from What to Eat?

Undoubtedly, when Izmir is mentioned, there are many local flavors that come to mind first . What to eat in Izmir ? For those wondering; It should be noted that there are many alternatives such as boyoz , kumru, İzmir Bomb, kumpir and so on.


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Spa Center
Turkish Bath
Accommodation Type
Full Pansion
Property Type
Ladies Privacy
Sheltered Pool
Sheltered Ladies Pool
Turkish Bath
Sauna Seperated For Ladies
Women's Pool
Ladies Complex
Swimming at the Beach
Beach sunbathing
Spa Center
Hotel Type
Safety Box
7/24 Reception
Animation Activities
Kiddie pool
Dry cleaner
Double Bed
Single Bed
Baby Cot And Crib
Air Conditioner
Remote Control
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Bed Base
Coffee Tea Set
Baby Feeding Chair

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