Çukurova Park Hotel

Çukurova Park Hotel is located on Seyhan, one of the most special areas of Adana . The facility has been designed according to Islamic methods and is located in a quite central area. Located only 2 km from Adana Şakirpaşa Airport, Çukurova Park Hotel is also only 3 km from Adana Bus Station.


Cukurova Park Hotel

The facility, which is easy accessible, hosts features suitable for business trips and meetings as well as a family-specific hotel concept . All kinds of comfort demands are provided with advanced services in the facility where there are different meeting and event rooms . It is possible to hold comfortable business meetings in the meeting rooms, which attract attention with their spacious designs and original concepts .

A Unique Comfort in the Most Central Location of Çukurova

Providing service in accordance with the concept of conservative hotels, Çukurova Park Hotel also provides a unique holiday advantage where you can feel at home with your family, in addition to meeting rooms with wide participation opportunities. All services offered by the facility, which has 24-hour uninterrupted service, are at world standards.

Çukurova Park Hotel, which has comfortable room alternatives, has a conservative hotel concept for families . The most special items are preferred in each of the hotel rooms, which are equipped with advanced technological equipment. For those who do not want to compromise on comfort by receiving a high standard of service, the facility is adorned with unique and extremely special services.

You Will Feel At Home With Special Services

If you want to feel at home and experience an extraordinary holiday in Seyhan, one of Adana's most special locations , Çukurova Park Hotel will provide you with privileged access to everything you need. Çukurova Park Hotel, which has the feature of being a family-only hotel, provides special and privileged services not only for you but also for your entire family.

There are room alternatives in 3 different concepts in the facility. The facility, which has 3 Suite Room options, has 7 Connection and 50 Standard Room options. It will be possible for you to feel the high level of comfort in every room and at the same time, you will be able to enjoy the privileged services you will receive. With the open buffet services at the facility, you can easily access local and world cuisine.





Adana is located at one of the southernmost points of Turkey, just at the end of the Mediterranean basin. The city, which has hosted many deep-rooted civilizations due to its location, has a structure where modern urban planning opportunities can be felt deeply. In this context, places to visit in Adana include a wide range of options, from ancient heritages with a deep-rooted history to museums that can be considered the symbol of modern urbanism.

Transportation to Adana

There are many methods that visitors can choose to reach Adana . Those who want to visit the city by road can easily reach Adana via the D-400 highway. In order to reach the city by air, you must go first to Şakirpaşa Airport and it is possible to use public transportation vehicles to reach the city center or other areas from there .

Places to Visit in Adana

As mentioned, Adana is a residential area with a deep rooted past. In this context , it should be noted that almost everyone has a hard time choosing between places to visit in Adana .

Stone bridge

Stone Bridge is one of the symbolic values ​​of Adana, and its roots go back to ancient times. The Stone Bridge, built during the Roman period, was designed by the emperor Hadrian . The Seyhan River passes under the bridge.

Varda( German) Bridge

The Varda Bridge, also known as the German Bridge, is a magnificent structure located in Adana's Hackırı area. Another name for the bridge, which is approximately 65 km away from the city center, is Koca Bridge . Built by the Germans, the bridge was designed with a special technique.

Kapıkaya Canyon 

Kapikaya Canyon is a natural beauty that has been formed by a completely natural formation. One of the first places that come to mind when it comes to places to visit in Adana , the canyon was opened by Çakır Creek, one of the branches of the Seyhan River.

Adana Ulu (Almighty)Mosque

Adana Ulu Mosque, which was the largest mosque in Adana for a long time, lost this title after the Sabancı Mosque was built. However, this place of worship, which has a deep-rooted history, is recommended to be visited in Adana trips.

What to Eat in Adana?

What does almost everyone eat in Adana ? Predicts possible answers to the question . As it is known, Adana has a reputation not only in Turkey but also all over the world with its unique culinary culture. If you visit the city, you must absolutely taste the different types of kebabs.




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Half Pansion
Bed & Brekfast
Property Type
Hotel Type
City Hotel
7/24 Reception
Dry cleaner
Double Bed
Single Bed
Baby Cot And Crib
Air Conditioner
Remote Control
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Bed Base
Coffee Tea Set
Baby Feeding Chair
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